Alternate Data Stream C++


Creating ADS (AlternateData Stream) in C++.

I am adding here a nice method of creating and implementing ADS into the system.
This is similar to creating a file, with the introduction of the file path :ads




The whole function is built in header WinAPI.h WinAPI.h

Calling from main:

#include "Convert.h" //h
#include "WinApi.h" //h
int _cdecl main (void) { ::Diall_WinApi::WinApi::GetInstance()->SystemIntegrity(::Diall_WinApi::Privilege::ENABLE);
::Diall_WinApi::WinApi::GetInstance()->CreateFileW("c:\\diallix1.txt","HELLO FILE", 10); ::Diall_WinApi::WinApi::GetInstance()->CreateFileW("c:\\diallix1.txt:MALWARE", "HELLO ADS", 10);
return 0; }