Worm 2 or how to destroy a company:


I wrote another worm. It is designed to hack businesses.

The virus will go through all the shared components (which such a company has non-escaping) chronologically.
Once detected, the virus is stored in these locations.
When you run the virus, the computer locks up and displays pictures of women, so we can say that porn pictures like the name vira clear.

Immediately after being displayed, the virus waits for about 90 seconds, after which time it shuts down the computer and when it shuts down it reports that the user has been hacked.

I classified the virus as a resident worm that sets the right to be critical. At this point, if you want to cancel it through the task manager, the computer will crash.

The virus also has protection from debuggers, so if you run it in the debugger, the system will be password protected and then the BSOD, the death screen, will be invoked.

Source codes are available for members of  CyberSecurity Unit ◄  forum viry.cz.