Name: Bc. Patrik Slučiak  
    Nickname: Diallix, Di@llix
    Birthdate: 2.2 1991
    Status :

Student of faculty FEI VŠB-TUO (1. year Mgr.)

    Work specialization:  Programmer, IT-specialist of security
threats, IT-developer, Malware Research
    Employer: <none>









I am a very versatile person and I think that one should not be content with what he / she knows or has because one can always go up a level:]]

I am low-level and high-level programmer

As a low-level programmer, I focus on developing projects and libraries HAL (Hardware Abstract Layer) for microcontrollers MCU on the lowest layer. These types of projects are published in section >>MCU Projects<< or>>MCU<<. In this respect, I am actively working with MCU series PIC 24FJ. As a low-level language, I use variant C supported by the C30 compiler along with the MPLAB IDE.

In the future, I will use low-level programming to develop and build drivers / drivers under the kernel OS Windows NT

As a high-level programmer I am active in several ways.
The first direction is IT-Security. I have been working on malware testing that year. I write my own utilities to repair or fix system errors under NT platform. I focus on simulating and breaking security and testing the security of access to NT itself. Simuling consists in inducing a situation after a malware intervention when testing utilities practices such as ComboFix utilities.
For my own needs I write my own sample malware and then utilities that can fix potential errors.
Part of the written utilities are published in sections  >>Projects<<.

This direction of security is closely linked to another direction I am dealing with, namely the core of the NT system. I write utilities and tools (system applications) to repair the system. I evaluate the system as such and look for security options that could undermine the system and look for effective defense.
I write applications via WinAPI and KERNEL.

Currently I focus on the principle of security of intelligent malware attacks - creating and testing Zombie-network, deployment and security solutions against them.

The third direction is development. As a developer, I work on software such as remote terminal control software, RGB effect control software, and the like. Software of this type will be published in the projects section for >>MCU<<.

Further development of applications are modules for access to the database layer, XML data source, Web services, database projects - Web applications in

On forum I am member and a founder CyberSecurity Unit,where I continue to act as security authority forum, certificate: Certificate

I worked with AV Avira to send my tests and comments on malware. Currently, you can meet me in the following forums:

   [Security Team]

I actively control logging: Combofix, HijackThis, RSIT, MBAM, Gmer, RootkitUnhooker, UPM, FRST, OTMoveIt.

Scripts in which I have not written any utility: MS-Dos (cmd), VB-Script.




Lang: pure C, C/C++, C#, ASP-net, Python, CMD, Object PHP, VB script, Bash, SQL: PL-Sql, T-Sql,
        MySql, HTML, CSS

IDE: MPLAB, Visual Studio 2010-2013, CodeBlocks, Eclipse, MS-SQL Studio, SQL Server 2008 R2
        Developer, SqlDeveloper, Datamodeler


Document software: DoxyGen, LateX


Implementation of projects under: Windows NT, Linux Debian


At the VŠB-Tuo Faculty I was active as:

     *Tutor in tutoring: database systems, object languages, LAIT (derivatives)

    * Administrator: Student Forum VSB

    * Member of FEI Security Research & Research


Free time

So that everything does not only revolve around units and zeros, I can approach some of the few of my free time.

I love sleeping, traveling, nature.
I do not have much time to read books, but there is a place for specialized literature, psychological literature.
The music I prefer is Trance - Infite, E. Hewitt, S.O´Shine, Owsey R., Dash Berlin,  Christina Novelli, Gareth Emery, Armin van Buuren
Ine Kafe, Sum 41, M. Garrix

Film genre, horror movies.

Favorite sports: Tandem, Bungee-Jump, Down-Hill.


Obviously, everything essential to me:]]. Once again I wish you good luck and even more knowledge and information from the site.