The content of this publication was created as a complementary material to bring the functioning of the issue, the principles of network structures and substructures closer together with the introduction of their infected endpoints. The teaching material is also intended for accredited subjects and can be used by supporters of similar courses or related disciplines. This textbook was based on many years of IT security experience, namely extensive knowledge of the Microsoft Windows Operating System, hands-on tests and malware design, security utility tests, or the creation of repair, recovery, and other tools. The text was further conceived in industries such as hacking, cracking, security intrusions and defenses against the platforms of the above-mentioned Operating System. The content of the materials is to explain the basic functioning of BotNet, describe the methods and possibilities of virus activity, describe the communication methodology, but also point out the advantages and disadvantages of individual communication procedures of endpoint BootNet points, describe the ways of "booting into the system" bugs and their use by malware. Continuation of this publication will be the book "BotNets 2", whose content is in detail in each block of specific codes to describe the methodologies of how the virus works, ways of covering the system, conducting attacks, and ways of defending against antivirus and antispyware programs.


The book has not been published yet. You will be informed immediately upon release.

The content of the book is available here: