In this article, we'll look at how Clipboard works and focus on copied or cut data that we capture.


ClipBoard or buffer is an allocated memory space that is divided into data and file. Cut / copied data in the form of text - passwords, titles, contents of documents, ...
Data in the form of files, the contents of the copied / cut pictures, and so on are copied to the file buffer.

For us, the more interesting data buffer is the one that contains the copied or cut data in the form of passwords. We will capture this data.


    -1-Set the variable (temp) to a unique token.
    -2-Open ClipBoard.
    -3-Save data from ClipBoard to variable(data).
    -4-Set Lock on variable(data).
    -5-Compare the currently acquired data in the variable (data) with the variable (temp).
    -6-If the contents of the variables do not match, write data to the console and save to (temp).
    -7-If the data matches, then interrupt the iteration and run again.

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