We are looking for new support to our  unit Cyber Security UNIT. Learn more about what it means and how to join you will find here:


We officially established the CyberSecurity Unit of the viry.cz forum

Cyber Security Unit is a group consisting of members who are deeply interested in IT security, defense and attack. We want to attract new fans to the forum who would like to have a deeper understanding of the meaning of malware, writing malware, hacking practices, writing defense programs for them, testing malware, writing expert articles, ...
Applicants will have a deep understanding of how malware works and will therefore adequately solve infection problems, which is only a percentage of what they will be able to do. We have prepared the source codes of homemade malware, Hacker kung fu, undocoment functions Win.Api´s, NT.Api´s, registers, security program source codes.

Cyber Security Unit is intended for Mentors of this forum (forum.viry.cz). We want the CyberSecurity Unit to be made up mainly of programmers.
However, not everyone can be accepted.
Security clearance is required.

  The security clearance shall determine whether the proposed person meets the prerequisites for working with secret material and content. From the point of view of safety work with classified material and prevention of misuse or disclosure of material to third parties, Security clearance is necessary. Classified material in this forum means material consisting of source code for malware, malware features, hacking practices, and similar content.
  Security clearance is granted / withdrawn by security authorities of the viry.cz forum for a period of one year.

Conditions for Granting Security Clearence:
  It is necessary to be an active advisor for at least half a year.
  Alongside the advising, be interested in IT security.
  Program in C / C ++ / C # custom tools / applications, create programs / scripts to unwind the system.
  Basic knowledge of Win. Api a NT. Api .
  Write at least one expert article on IT Security / Hacking practices and provide text with source code
      (functions) in C / C ++ / C # (the code needs to be vindicate to make it clear that the candidate has knowledge of what he is programming).
  Write at least two samples of Security / Hacking programs (source code must be vindicated).

We will issue a certificate to each successful member.

Source code will be vindicated either online or via Skype.



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 Source Codes Utilit Cyber Security Unit

More information here: https://forum.viry.cz/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=155691